Joshua Tree Print

Here is the Joshua Tree print I created with a photograph I took in July of 2011.

“Joshua Tree In July” by Bearie23 | RedBubble:

Forest Sunset Tank Top

Here is a forest sunset tank top I designed with a picture I drew of the San Bernardino Mountains at sunset.

Christmas Glitter Card

I designed this Christmas card with the “Merry Christmas” text I created with glitter glue. The wreath next to the text gives this simple Christmas card a bit of embellishment.

The Rose Christmas Card

Adorable Giraffe Necklace As A Christmas Gift

This adorable giraffe necklace would make a cute Christmas present. The giraffe pictured on the necklace is my preliminary sketch of a giraffe, and he looks cute in his simplicity before I added the spots.

The Buster The Dog T-Shirt Makes A Cute Christmas Present

I designed the Buster the dog t-shirt with a colored pencil sketch I made of my dog Buster. This sketch is based on a picture I took of Buster back in 2002. The Buster the dog t-shirt has cute accents, such as green arm and neck bands, which match the color of Buster’s collar. If you want to give someone a fun Christmas present, the Buster t-shirt might just be the thing.

Acorn Skateboard Gift For Christmas

If you know anyone who loves acorn designs and skateboards, then this acorn skateboard would make the perfect Christmas gift. I designed this acorn skateboard with a colored pencil drawing I made of an acorn.

Chill Pepper Christmas Ornament

I have created this chili pepper ornament with a picture I took of home grown chili peppers. The vibrant red and green colors of the chili peppers are the signature colors of Christmas, and work well together on this ornament.  Follow the picture of the chili pepper ornament to get it over on Zazzle.

Grass Valley Lake Merry Christmas Card

The Grass Valley Lake Merry Christmas Card card
The Grass Valley Lake Merry Christmas Card by Bearie23

I designed this card with a picture I took of Grass Valley Lake on a tranquil winter day. This serene image from the San Bernardino Mountains is the perfect way to wish someone Merry Christmas.

Say Merry Christmas A Candy Cane Card

You can say Merry Christmas with this cute candy cane card, which I designed with a picture I took of my cross stitched candy cane.  This candy cane Christmas card will stand out when you send