The Heart Sunset Valentine’s Day Card

Let someone know you love them with this heart sunset Valentine’s Day card. This card is designed with my colored pencil drawing of an imagined heart sunset.

The Diamond Head Inspired Messenger Bag

In November of 2010 I created a colored pencil illustration of Diamond Head, which I used to decorate this messenger bag for sale on Zazzle. I would love to go back to Oahu again so I can created more Diamond Head inspired artwork. If you enjoy the view from Waikiki Beach, then you might like this bag with the view of Diamond Head on it.

The Scotty Dog Shirt

I designed this short sleeve black t-shirt with my Scotty dog drawing, which I created with oil pastels.

“The Oil Pastel Scotty Dog by Julia Hanna” T-Shirts & Hoodies by Bearie23 | RedBubble:

Forest Sunset Sketch T-Shirt by Julia Hanna

I have created a new forest sunset sketch shirt with a reprint of my original colored pencil drawing. This illustration is the view of Mount Baldy as seen from the backside of the San Bernardino Mountains. Purchase the shirt over on Zazzle.

Hawaiian Sunset Shirt by Julia Hanna

This Hawaiian sunset shirt is the perfect size for kids of all ages. I designed this shirt over on Zazzle with a colored pencil sketch of a sunset that I created. If you want to order this shirt over on Zazzle, all you have to do is select the color, size, and style that would be best for your child.

Hawaiian Sunset Canvas Print by Julia Hanna

This canvas print is created with a Hawaiian sunset drawing that I made back in March of 2008. The medium I used for this illustration was colored pencils.

Hawaiian Sunset Long Sleeve Shirt

This Hawaiian sunset shirt was designed with a picture I drew with colored pencils and a charcoal pencil.  My affinity for the Hawaiian islands has inspired much of my artwork.

Snowy Tree In December Framed Print

Here is the framed print of the snowy tree picture I took up in the San Bernardino Mountains. The coulter pine featured in this photograph looks divine frosted
with snow.

“Snow In December” Framed Prints by Bearie23 | RedBubble:

The Jack-o’-Lantern Card

Here is a jack-o’-lantern card that I designed with a picture I took of a drawing I created on a brown paper bag. The medium used for the drawing was oil pastels, and this became a trick or treat bag for my niece. Now this photograph has been turned into a festive card for Halloween.

“Jack-o’-lantern Halloween” Greeting Cards & Postcards by Bearie23 | RedBubble:

The Inverted Chili Pepper Card

“Inverted Chili Peppers” Greeting Cards & Postcards by Bearie23 | RedBubble:

The inverted chili pepper card that I designed illustrates the contrast of the colors to be found on an actual chili pepper plant. This photograph is quite surreal.