The Mount Life Photo Cards

The Mount Life Photo Card photocard
The Mount Life Photo Card by Bearie23

The Mountain Life photo card is the perfect way to express your love of the San Bernardino Mountains with family and friends. I designed these photo cards with a picture I took of the view of Mount Baldy, which you can see from the San Bernardino Mountains. These photo cards come with envelopes, and you can use this as stationery to write short notes to those your correspondents.

The Pedestrian Walking Life Shirt

Express your love for the pedestrian walking life with this shirt I designed. You can also keep up with my blog on my adventures walking everywhere, and anywhere, in Southern California. Honestly, you are not a true SoCal pedestrian until you get lost walking through an orange field on the way from Grand Terrace to Loma Linda, as I did when I got off a bus one day in 2002.