Modeling The Pinnacles Shirt

Since I like to design shirts with my own artwork over on Zazzle, I have purchased a few to see what the final product looks like. Honestly, I do prefer the sizing of the Bella baby doll shirt over the basic Hans shirt that I bought this time, but I love how the print of my Pinnacles drawing turned out on the larger shirt. The Pinnacles shirt is based on a colored pencil drawing I created of the Pinnacles in the San Bernardino Mountains. Here are a few pictures and a video illustrating what my Pinnacles shirt look like, which is a helpful reference for anyone thinking about ordering shirts on Zazzle.


Wearing the shirt with a necklace and my hair in a side pony tail.

My Pinnacles Shirt

My Pinnacles Shirt

Picture I took with my hair down.

My Pinnacles Shirt

Here is a picture of me outside with the Pinnacles shirt.

My Pinnacles Shirt

Here I create a side-ways pose wearing the Pinnacles shirt.

The Pinnacles Shirt by Julia Hanna shirt
The Pinnacles Shirt by Julia Hanna by Bearie23

Above is an embedded picture with my shirt that is available on Zazzle.

The Mount Life Photo Cards

The Mount Life Photo Card photocard
The Mount Life Photo Card by Bearie23

The Mountain Life photo card is the perfect way to express your love of the San Bernardino Mountains with family and friends. I designed these photo cards with a picture I took of the view of Mount Baldy, which you can see from the San Bernardino Mountains. These photo cards come with envelopes, and you can use this as stationery to write short notes to those your correspondents.