The Heart Leggings

Leggings with a heart design in pink and purple.

The Bird On A Tree Branch Leggings

The leggings feature an image of a bird sitting on a tree branch.

The Multi-colored Leggings

These leggings feature a multi-colored starburst design.

The Rose Starburst Leggings

These leggings feature an image of a rose inspired starburst.


The Election Is Over, It Is Time To Make Leggings

The election is over, so it is time to make leggings. I am focusing on my art websites, and here is my latest pair of tights with my pink and purple starburst design.


Purple And Magenta Geometric Leggings

The purple and magenta leggings have a geometric design.

The Purple Swirly Leggings

The purple swirly leggings are for people who love all shades of violet.


The Acorn Bodycon Dress

The bodycon dress features a photograph of an acorn taken up in the San Bernardino Mountains.Acorn Dress

The San Bernardino Mountains Dress

This midi dress has a reprint of a photograph I took up in the San Bernardino Mountains. The dress is available over on CowCow.

San Bernardino Mountains Dress

The Hawaiian Sunset Canvas

This canvas has a reprint of a marker drawing of a Hawaiian sunset I created in December 2006.