The Large Boulder Necklace

This necklace features a photograph of a large boulder from the San Bernardino Mountains headed down into the Mojave Desert.


The Large Boulder Triptych

A triptych with a photograph of a very large boulder from up in the San Bernardino Mountains.

The View of Mount Baldy From Lake Arrowhead Triptych

This triptych features the view of Mount Baldy as seen from Lake Arrowhead, California.


Woman Taking Photos At Joshua Triptych

This triptych is of a woman taking photographs at Joshua Tree National Park.


The Pink Hibiscus Triptych

The pink hibiscus triptych features a photograph of this lush flower in a tiled format.


The Moon And The Tree Silhouette Triptych

This photograph of the moon and the tree silhouette makes a striking triptych for any home needing monochromatic decor.


Stripey Cat In The San Bernardino Mountains

This triptych features a reprint of Stripey the cat surrounded by daffodils up in the San Bernardino Mountains.


The California Band Tail Pigeon Collage Triptych

Not all pigeons are city dwellers since the California band tail pigeon is actually an indigenous bird that lives up in the San Bernardino Mountains. This triptych features a collage of this majestic bird siting on an oak tree.

The Ghostly Oak Tree Triptych

The ghostly oak tree triptych features a photograph captured during the winter months up in the San Bernardino Mountains.