The American Genealogy Tote Bag

The American genealogy tote bag is perfect for anyone who loves ancestry and exploring their family tree. I created this bag with cursive text written with colored pencils.

This tote can also be used a sturdy reusable shopping bag. When people ask what you have been up to these days, just tell them you are working on your family tree with this fashion accessory.

The Sunset Tote Bag

This tole bag features a photograph of a sunset behind Mount Baldy in Southern California.


The San Bernardino Mountain License Plate

The San Bernardino Mountains license plate features an image captured from this scenic locale.

The Woman With The Long Braid Canvas

This canvas print features a photograph of a woman with a long dark braid.


Woman With A Braid Poster

This poster features a photograph of a woman with a long braid. Photo editing software was used to make the picture appear more like a painting.


The Hollyhock Blossoms Canvas

The hollyhock blossoms canvas celebrates the beauty of this plant before the flowers are in bloom.


The Mommy And Baby Panda Bear Charm

This #zazzle charm has a reprint of a colored pencil drawing of a mommy and baby panda bear by Julia Hanna.