Shamrock Within A Shamrock Card

Wish friends and family “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day” with this shamrock within a shamrock card. I created the design for this card with colored pencils, and it is available over on Zazzle.


The Full Moon Tote Bag

The black tote bag is made out of canvas and features a photograph of the supermoon.
During the last supermoon, I took a picture of the lunar phenomenon. The black canvas bag is the perfect way to feature a photograph of the moon.
The eyes of my cat drawing are peeking out from behind the moon bag.

The full moon bag is available over on Zazzle.


This cloth bag is ideal for shopping now that we have to purchase bags at the grocery stores here in California, and many other states.

The Valentine Heart Birthday Card

The Valentine heart birthday card has a reprint of a metallic colored pencil drawing by Julia Hanna. Glitter glue was painted over the drawing to give a lustrous sheen.

The Sparkly Heart Shirt

This shirt was designed with a reprint of my sparkly heart colored pencil illustration. This would be a fun shirt to wear on Valentine’s Day, or any day.

Eat Guacamole Card

This card is perfect for people who love eating guacamole.

The Simple Christmas Tree Snowglobe

The simple Christmas tree snowglobe features an illustration I created with crayons and oil pastels.

The Opossum Plate

The opossum plate is a decorative touch for marsupial lovers.

The Opossum Nesting Mugs

The opossum nesting mugs are the perfect gift for people who love this marsupial.

The Supermoon Shopping Bag

The supermoon bag is a striking tote to use during a grocery errand.

The Abstract Art Color leggings

These striking leggings have an abstract art color design.