The September Cursive Canvas

This canvas has handwritten text with the word September with a chalkboard scheme.

The Zucchinis Canvas

This canvas features a photograph of two zebra zucchinis and two black beauty zucchinis. The world “zucchinis” is near the courgettes in cursive text.


The Hummingbird Wood Panel

Now, this hummingbird photograph can be wall art for any room. This piece is available over on Zazzle.



The Hollyhock Blossoms Canvas

The hollyhock blossoms canvas celebrates the beauty of this plant before the flowers are in bloom.


Stripey Cat Spends The Night At Joshua Tree

The Stripey cat is being very naughty and sneaks off to Joshua Tree to florick among the Yucca brevifolia, but she better get home before her human parents get up to make breakfast in the morning.

The Pinnacles Triptych

A triptych of the Pinnacles up in the San Bernardino Mountains.


Stately Joshua Tree Triptych

The stately Joshua tree photograph at Joshua Tree National Park makes a striking piece of artwork in any home.


Irina The Cat And The San Bernardino Mountains Triptych

This triptych has a reprint of Irina the cat with the San Bernardino Mountains behind here. It is an original oil painting created by Julia Hanna.


The Woman Wearing The Cat Shirt Triptych

Here is a triptych two photographs of a woman wearing a cat shirt in sepia.