The Monochromatic Joshua Tree And The Moon

This triptych has an image of a monochromatic Joshua tree and the moon in the sky above. It is the same Joshua tree in triplicate to form the triptych image.


The Easter Egg Pillow

The Easter egg pillow has a simple hand drawn striped egg with cursive text. This accent is a festive touch to home decor during the months of March and April.



The Valentine Heart Birthday Card

The Valentine heart birthday card has a reprint of a metallic colored pencil drawing by Julia Hanna. Glitter glue was painted over the drawing to give a lustrous sheen.

The Happy Ghost Pepper Halloween Card

This Halloween card features a photograph of a ghost pepper with a face drawn on it. This pepper is shaped like a ghoul, hence the name.

The Butterfly Bridal Invitation

The butterfly bridal invitations feature a reprint of an acrylic painting of a butterfly.

Zebra Shirt With Black Skirt And Matching Leggings

Zebra Shirt With Black Skirt And Matching Leggings

What does OOTD stand for in the world of hashtags? It stands for outfit of the day, and I enjoy posting my inspiration here. Today I wore the black shirt, which has a reprint of my zebra colored pencil drawing.

Wearing The Zebra Shirt

I wore the shirt with leggings and a black skirt of the same shade. This is one of my favorite outfits. Also, I added a white crocheted top for parts of the day when it was chilly. If you like this top, you can find it over on Zazzle.


This video has a bit of ootd footage for those who like to see things in motion.

San Bernardino Mountains Christmas Cards

This scene of the Pinnacles is the perfect San Bernardino Mountains Christmas scene.

The Boulder And The Blue Sky Invitation Card

The boulder and the blue sky invitation card features a striking photograph captured up in the San Bernardino Mountains. Purchase and customize this invite card for a party by heading on over to Zazzle.


Happy Halloween Black Cat Ring

The Happy Halloween black cat ring is perfect for this holiday. Pick this cute ring up on Zazzle.

The Sunflower Fashion Collection

Sunflower Clothes


I have created a sunflower collection with shirts and a skirt that feature a reprint of my colored pencil drawing.