The Wild Sunflowers Near The Train Tracks Canvas

This printed canvas features a photograph of wild sunflowers growing near the train tracks.


Art Canvas of The View From The Rim of the World Highway

This art canvas is a reprint of my oil painting of the view of the San Gorgonio Mountains from the Rim of the World Highway.

Celebrate Summer With Palm Trees

This is a cute palm tree card I designed for a summer party. It features my colored pencil drawing.

This cute spaghetti strap top is also designed with my palm tree illustration.


Here is a cool palm tree bumper sticker with my palm tree drawing. This bumper sticker would also look cool in a picture frame hanging on a wall.


The palm tree plate is festive for anyone who might like to have summer parties, or who just enjoys a tropical theme with their meals.


This is a poster featuring the cute palm tree.

This canvas print features a reproduction of my palm tree drawing, which would look cool in a home with a tropical theme.

The Forest Sunset Drawing by Julia Hanna

Here is a video documenting the process that involved creating my forest sunset sketch with the view of Mount Baldy in the distance.

The canvas print above is a vibrant reproduction of my forest sunset sketch, which is available over on Zazzle.

The Water Lily Canvas Print

This water lily is of a canvas print is of my colored pencil drawing that I created in 2007.



Snow On The San Bernardino Mountains Postcard

This postcard features a photograph I took of snow that had blanked the San Bernardino Mountains in March of 2011.

The Palm Tree Canvas

This palm tree canvas is created with my original photograph, and stunning for anyone who loves palms.

Canvas Art Print of The Pinnacles by Julia Hanna

This canvas art print is a vibrant reproduction of my colored pencil drawing of the Pinnacles up in the San Bernardino Mountains.  I created this illustration based on the stunning view I used to look at every day when I was growing up, and I climbed up these boulder laden mountains many, many times.

Canvas Print of Clouds Floating Over The San Bernardino Valley


This canvas print is of a photograph I took of clouds floating over the San Bernardino Valley in December of 2010.

The Fox Drawing by Julia Hanna

I drew this fox with orange flowers using oil pastels. It is one of my favorite drawings and will make a cute canvas art print to hang on your wall. Simply follow the picture to purchase this cute fox illustration over on Zazzle.