The Sparkly Heart Shirt

This shirt was designed with a reprint of my sparkly heart colored pencil illustration. This would be a fun shirt to wear on Valentine’s Day, or any day.

The Joshua Tree Shirt

This Joshua tree features a photograph I took on a late afternoon trip to Joshua Tree National Park. It can be found over on Zazzle.


The Panda Bear Shirt

The panda shirt features a colored pencil drawing of a mom panda holding a baby panda bear. The panda bear shirt in green looks quite nice with the bamboo background behind the pandas. Purchase the shirt by clicking on the picture below.

The Giraffe Shirt

This giraffe shirt has a reprint of my colored pencil drawing of a giraffe that I created in 2011.   It can be purchased by clicking on the picture of the shirt below.

Love Your Meow, Meow Shirt

You have to love your meow, meow, which is basically just another way of talking about showing affection for your cat. Wear this shirt with a captivating photo of Irina the cat, and her hypnotic golden eyes will charm you.

Fourth of July Shirt

Here is a lovely red, white and blue Fourth of July shirt that I designed with a cross-stitch flag magnet. You can buy this shirt by clicking on the buy button directly below.  This shirt is a great way to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which is what Independence Day is all about.

Buy Pink Rose Necklace

The Pinnacles Shirt

The Pinnacles shirt features my colored pencil illustration of the picturesque boulders up in the San Bernardino Mountains.