The Sunflower And Dream Catcher Art Print

If you adore sunflowers then you can purchase this photo print over on Zazzle. There is a dream catcher hanging out of the sky, which gives it a surrealist element.

The Two Palm Trees And The San Bernardino Mountains Painting

This canvas print is of the San Bernardino Mountains and the two palm trees painting. Click of the image of the painting below to purchase it over on Zazzle.

Roses In The Watering Can Print

This is a reprint of the watering can with roses illustration that I created with colored pencils.  The colored pencil drawing was inspired by a photograph taken by my friend Wanda.

The Forest Sunset Illustration by Julia Hanna

Here is the print forest sunset sketch I created with my colored pencil sketch of the view of Mount Baldy at sunset. This print showcases the view of Mount Baldy from the backside of the San Bernardino Mountains.

Poster of The View of Mount Baldy As Seen From The San Bernardino Mountains

This poster shows the view of Mount Baldy as seen from the San Bernardino Mountains near sunset.

The Acorns In The San Bernardino Mountains Poster

This poster celebrates the beauty of fallen acorns up in the San Bernardino Mountains. I love to photograph the natural environment of these Southern California mountains, and this poster is a print of one of my photographs.

The Shamrock Poster

Here is a shamrock poster that I designed with my crayon and pencil sketch. If you want a cute poster for Saint Patrick’s Day, this shamrock poster might be for you.

Hawaiian Sunset Canvas Print by Julia Hanna

This canvas print is created with a Hawaiian sunset drawing that I made back in March of 2008. The medium I used for this illustration was colored pencils.

Forest Sunset Art Print by Julia Hanna

I created this forest sunset art print with a colored pencil drawing I made of the San Bernardino Mountains in July of 2011.