The Sunflowers Near The Train Tracks Plate

A plate with an image of sunflowers near the train tracks.

Happy Birthday Paper Plates

These Happy Birthday paper plates have a reprint of a colored pencil illustration of balloons and cursive text.


Celebrate Summer With Palm Trees

This is a cute palm tree card I designed for a summer party. It features my colored pencil drawing.

This cute spaghetti strap top is also designed with my palm tree illustration.


Here is a cool palm tree bumper sticker with my palm tree drawing. This bumper sticker would also look cool in a picture frame hanging on a wall.


The palm tree plate is festive for anyone who might like to have summer parties, or who just enjoys a tropical theme with their meals.


This is a poster featuring the cute palm tree.

This canvas print features a reproduction of my palm tree drawing, which would look cool in a home with a tropical theme.

The View of Mount Baldy Through The Trees Plate

This plate is decorated with a picture I took of the view of Mount Baldy while peering through the trees up in the San Bernardino Mountains. This plate is dishwasher and microwave safe, but would just look nice hanging on a wall.

The Cloudy View of Mount Baldy Plate

This decorative plate is designed with the cloudy view of Mount Baldy that I photographed in the Lake Arrowhead region of the San Bernardino Mountains.

San Bernardino Mountains Plate

The photograph on this plate was taken on the backside of the San Bernardino Mountains with the view of Hesperia below.

The San Bernardino Mountains Acorn Plate

The San Beranrdino Mountains acorn plate would be perfect for anyone who loves to look at acorns, and who wants to see these beautiful nuts that fall from the oak trees. The Serrano Indians used to gather acorns and grind these into meal out at the Indian rock camp up in the San Bernardino Mountains.

The San Bernardino Mountains Tree Plate

A picture I took of two magnificent pine trees up in the San Bernardino Mountains was used to create this plate.