The Full Moon Tote Bag

The black tote bag is made out of canvas and features a photograph of the supermoon.
During the last supermoon, I took a picture of the lunar phenomenon. The black canvas bag is the perfect way to feature a photograph of the moon.
The eyes of my cat drawing are peeking out from behind the moon bag.

The full moon bag is available over on Zazzle.


This cloth bag is ideal for shopping now that we have to purchase bags at the grocery stores here in California, and many other states.

The Joshua Tree Bag

Here is a fun bag to carry around town, especially if you love Joshua Tree.


The Stripey Cat Bag

The stripey cat bag is perfect for people who love felines. It features a reprint of a pencil drawing of a striped gray cat by Julia Hanna. You can purchase this adorable bag over on Zazzle.

The Sleepy Cat Shirt And Bag

The other day I took a picture of Irina the cat sleeping on her favorite pink blanket. This photograph, I decided,  would make the perfect decoration for the sleepy cat shirt, which you can purchase below on Zazzle.

The sleepy kitty bag makes a great compliment with the sleepy kitty shirt, and you can also find this item over on Zazzle.

Cat Bag by Julia Hanna

This bag is designed with my cat drawing of Irina. Follow the picture of the bag to purchase it over on Zazzle.

The Happy Jack o Lantern Trick or Treat Bag

This Happy Jack o Lantern trick or treat bag is designed with my crayon drawing.  If you want this cute bag for Halloween, then follow the picture of the bag to buy it over on Zazzle.



The Water Lily Bag

This bag features my drawing of a water lily, and is the ideal gift for someone who likes floral designs.

The Palm Tree Bag

The palm tree bag is designed with my photograph, and would look beautiful carrying around town.

The San Bernardino Mountains Bag

This San Bernardino Mountains bag features the view of trees and mountain silhouettes, and it perfect for anyone who enjoys traveling to this Southern California mountain range.

The Snowy Mount San Gorgonio LapTop Sleeve