The Boulder With A Face Bag

These days you need to bring your own bags when you go grocery shopping in many places, so this boulder with a face bag would be a fun way to run errands.

A boulder with a face bag is available over on Zazzle.

The Irina The Cat And Mount Baldy Bag

The Irina the cat bag has a background of the Mount Baldy bag.

I love to make bags that express my own style, and cat bags with my artwork are very much me. Bright colors inspire me in artwork, so I love creating bags and shirts with the same colors.

This is the video of the latest cat bag featuring Irina the cat.

Here is a listing of the bag over on Zazzle, if you enjoy cat themed purses.

The bag has an adjustable strap and one zipped compartment on the inside.

The Full Moon Tote Bag

The black tote bag is made out of canvas and features a photograph of the supermoon.
During the last supermoon, I took a picture of the lunar phenomenon. The black canvas bag is the perfect way to feature a photograph of the moon.
The eyes of my cat drawing are peeking out from behind the moon bag.

The full moon bag is available over on Zazzle.


This cloth bag is ideal for shopping now that we have to purchase bags at the grocery stores here in California, and many other states.