Dec 152014

I created this Christmas tree and fountain card with a photograph that I took last week.  The lit fountain in the foreground creates a memorable Christmas scene, and I just had to capture this photograph because one of the few things I really crave during the holiday season is taking pictures of the lights.

This card is available over on Zazzle, so click on the picture of the card above.
Oct 012014

Daffodil The Zebra Shirt

Daffodil The Zebra Shirt

I finally decided to order my zebra shirt from Zazzle, which features my colored pencil drawing on a black shirt. I like how the zebra and his vibrant grassy background shows up on this shirt. Below is a video I created featuring the zebra shirt.

The zebra shirt is for sale on Zazzle, and you can click on the shirt below to purchase it over on that site.

Jun 222014

The who ate my pie mug by Julia Hanna is the perfect coffee cup for anyone who loves to enjoy a slice of blueberry pie with their java. The colored pencil illustration on this cup is based on a story that Hanna’s dad often recounts about someone eating his very last slice of blueberry pie, so she finally drew him a picture of a pie no one could ever take from him. Purchase this pietastic mug by clicking on the cup below.