The Band-Tail Pigeon Wall Art

This wood panel has a reprint of a photograph of a band-tail pigeon up in the San Bernardino Mountains.


The September Cursive Canvas

This canvas has handwritten text with the word September with a chalkboard scheme.

The Zucchinis Canvas

This canvas features a photograph of two zebra zucchinis and two black beauty zucchinis. The world “zucchinis” is near the courgettes in cursive text.


The Hummingbird Beach Towel

The hummingbird beach towel is serene for those who enjoy bird watching in their garden.


The Hummingbird Wood Panel

Now, this hummingbird photograph can be wall art for any room. This piece is available over on Zazzle.



The Hummingbird Crossbody Bag

The hummingbird crossbody bag features a photograph of a diminutive feathered friend, who is now larger than life. This bag is perfect for school, work, or transporting groceries since it is quite roomy.

The Humming Bird Necklace

This necklace has a picture of a hummingbird sitting on a plant cage in the backyard.


The Sunflowers Near The Train Tracks Plate

A plate with an image of sunflowers near the train tracks.

The Wild Sunflowers Near The Train Tracks Canvas

This printed canvas features a photograph of wild sunflowers growing near the train tracks.