Jun 222014

The who ate my pie mug by Julia Hanna is the perfect coffee cup for anyone who loves to enjoy a slice of blueberry pie with their java. The colored pencil illustration on this cup is based on a story that Hanna’s dad often recounts about someone eating his very last slice of blueberry pie, so she finally drew him a picture of a pie no one could ever take from him. Purchase this pietastic mug by clicking on the cup below.

Jun 042014

The find honesty in nature card features a lush photograph I took of the wild flowers and chaparral up in the San Bernardino Mountains. The comforting thing about hiking in nature is that it is always honest in its simplicity, which seems to be a hard thing to find these days.

Jun 032014

At first you get that heady feeling when you start pining for a certain guy. However, over time you begin to realize he does not know you exist, and then come to the conclusion that this is like waiting for a train that will never arrive. Get positive in your land, and just smile while going for a walk, whilst looking at the trees and birds flying through the air. There really is no point in being disappointed about people who do not even know you are there. Focus on the scenery around you, and look forward to meeting people who will want to get to know you.  I designed this card with a photograph I took at an abandoned train depot, which I found to be quite fitting for the sentiment expressed in this card.