Mar 192014

This Christmas tree ornament was created with a marker and colored pencil illustration that I started back in December, but which I did not finish up until a few days ago.  You can purchase the ornament by clicking on the picture of it below.

Buy this Christmas tree ornament by clicking on the picture above.

Below is a video illustrating how I created the Christmas tree ornament.

Mar 172014

I am not into expensive handbags, and I prefer a bag with my own art designs.  So I decided to decorate this bag with a reprint  of the heart cross design that I created. This bag is less than eleven dollars over on Zazzle, and that is a great deal for a designer handbag.  Hop on over to Zazzle to purchase this cute heart bag there.


Mar 052014

The other day I took a picture of Irina the cat sleeping on her favorite pink blanket. This photograph, I decided,  would make the perfect decoration for the sleepy cat shirt, which you can purchase below on Zazzle.

The sleepy kitty bag makes a great compliment with the sleepy kitty shirt, and you can also find this item over on Zazzle.
Feb 272014

Send this card to a friend as a festive way to wish them a “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day”. The card is designed with my crayon illustration of a shamrock pattern, and you can purchase the card by clicking on the links below. I have many other arty creations over on Zazzle, so feel free to check out all the items for sale in my shop.

Dec 202013

The glittery liquidambar Christmas ornament pillow created with a photograph of the ornament that I made by hand. Click on the pillow to purchase this festive piece of home decor over on Zazzle.

Dec 082013

If you do not have time to make a cross stitched gingerbread boy ornament, then you can purchase this cute little ornament to put on the Christmas tree. I designed this ornament with my original cross stitched design, and this ornament is available for sale by following the links to Zazzle.